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If you have not yet seen this, go watch it. It’s even on Netflix

March 13, 2013


an entirely new approach to the piano keyboard, with the ability to bend pitch up and down as well smoothly gliss – very impressive

March 11, 2013

Software – How to use a PC keyboard as a Midi controller?

March 11, 2013

También nosotros tuvimos nuestros 90s

March 7, 2013én_nosotros_tuvimos_nuestros_90s/

Even Google won’t be around for ever, let alone Facebook

March 3, 2013 starts offering 3D earth view and street view. Nice to see a good competition for Google maps.

March 3, 2013

A website that, given chords, tells you what key you’re in and displays a fretboard showing what notes work in the given key. Great for new players!

March 2, 2013